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Resident Playwright joins the ESRC Genomics Forum



The ESRC Genomics Forum in partnership with the Edinburgh Traverse Theatre is delighted to welcome Peter Arnott as Resident Playwright in a new joint artistic venture.


Peter Arnott, an award winning playwright who began his career at the Traverse in 1985 with White Rose (which also launched the career of actress Tilda Swinton) will be the first Resident Playwright to be based within the Genomics Forum.

A key role for the Forum is knowledge exchange: exploring novel means to promote social research on the contemporary life sciences by engaging a diverse range of audiences. This Residency will seek to build on the success of previous events and dialogues involving artists, scientists and social researchers including Writers in Residence - Ken MacLeod and Pippa Goldschmidt and Artist in Residence - Alistair Gentry.

It is hoped that working alongside Forum members, attending events and meeting with experts and fellows across the Genomics Network will inspire the creation of a genomics related play.

During the year long residency the ambition is to offer the public access to this creative process as Peter develops ideas and genomics as a theatrical subject is explored.

Read Resident Playwright press release - Forging Links Between the Worlds of Science and Art


Traverse Theatre Resident Playwright 2011