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Network Stars on Film



Four short videos featuring staff from across the Network.


Our new dedicated YouTube channel has been developed to help improve access to the range of audio visual outputs created across the ESRC Genomics Network.

Initial highlights include a series of four short films introducing the network, discussing its development and the current range of activities.

Focusing on the creation of the network and development of the Genomics Network Research Themes- Science, Technology and Innovation- Governance, Regulation and Public Interest- Biomedicine, Health and Identity- Transforming Nature

This generation has access to unparalleled individual and shared genetic information. We examine why this is a critical time to study genomics and society.

The ESRC Genomics Network is Cesagen, Egenis and Innogen examining the social and economic significance of genomics and, with the Forum, connecting this research with policy and public engagement. This film explains how working together as the ESRC Genomics Network gives each of the four centres strengths and opportunities they would not enjoy working alone.

The Genomics Network is proud to work in collaboration with over 30 countries worldwide, and present research which influences policy and decision making at a global level. Here we highlight some key international activities.


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