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Global response to Genomics Forum Poetry Competition


National Poetry Day - 7 Oct 2010 – is the deadline for entries to the ESRC Genomics Forum Poetry Competition.

Hosted in partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library, the competition invited writers to consider the theme of `improving the human`.

A decade since the first unravelling and mapping of the human genome was hailed as the start of a new era, not just in health and medicine but in the way we experience and understand our very selves, this competition invited writers to consider the effects.

Judges Gwyneth Lewis (Wales’s National Poet 2005-06), Peggy Hughes Scottish Poetry Library, and Professor Steve Yearley, Director ESRC Genomics Forum will be considering over 100 poems before announcing the winners at the end of November.

Pippa Goldschmidt writer-in-residence at the Genomics Forum in 2009 was the inspiration behind this Poetry competition. Genotype (The Genomics Forum's blog) offers her latest posting on the truly global response to the competition.


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