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Climate change event a success



Over 70 academics and environment experts attended today's (5 May) event exploring society's responses to climate change.


The event, was organised by the Edinburgh Consortium for Rural Research and SNIFFER.

Using new analytical perspectives, evidence and insights from social science as well as data from surveys and from case-study analyses, the meeting focused on:

  • public responses to scientists' and policy makers' ideas about climate change
  • public responses to policies (such as the promotion of renewables) that are linked to threats from the changing climate
  • public perceptions of today's key environmental challenges and effect on lifestyle choices

We hope to make speaker presentations available on our website over the next few days. Meantime, the event's programme is outlined below.

13.30Welcome by Professor Stuart Monro, Director Our Dynamic EarthIntroduction to the event - Professor Steven Yearley, University of Edinburgh13.45The challenge for Scotland – SEABS: the Scottish environmental attitudes and behaviours survey 08. Chris Martin, Ipsos-MORI

14.15The challenge for society– Rachel Nunn, Going Carbon Neutral Stirling

14.45Q&A session with the speakers (chair: Steven Yearley)15.15Tea and coffee15.30The challenge for knowledge - Understanding informed opposition to environmental policies and projects: The need for more than information provision. Dr Mhairi Aitken, Research Centre for Social Sciences16.00

The challenge in practice - Responses to/through forestry. Dr Chris Quine, Centre for Human and Ecological Sciences, Forest Research

16.30Q&A Session with the speakers (chair: Ruth Wolstenholme, SNIFFER)Summing up: Professor Stuart Monro17.00


Climate change meeting