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Bright Ideas Programme visits announced



The Forum has announced details of its first Bright Ideas Programme visitors.


We are delighted to announce details of the first guests to visit the Forum as part of our new . The scheme provides an opportunity for individuals to spend a period of time - from a few days up to two months - in residence at the Forum undertaking a programme of their own work that also contributes in some way to the Forum's aims and objectives.

For further information about any proposed visits and event, please contact Dr Steve Sturdy.

Jonathan Harwood (June 2010)

An event workshop has been organised entitled “What can development policy learn from the history of the green revolution?” It will be held on the 3rd of June at the Forum's Edinburgh office.

David Shenk (August 2010)

David is a science writer, journalist and blogger. He will take part in several events including a discussion at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on his new book The Genius In All Of Us.

Tracey Rosenberg (Autumn 2010)

Tracey is a poet and author and will be working on her new volume of writing.

Ann Lingard (Autumn/Winter 2010)

Ann Lingard is a scientist and novelist and has recently been working on a book of personal stories behind the artefacts held at the Royal College of Surgeons Museum.

Sarah Keer-Keer (date tbc)

Sarah is a fine artist with a background in research science, science communication and science publishing. Sarah has worked with the Gene Jury, to help raise school pupils' awareness of genetic issues. She is currently interested in investigating the use of animation as a teaching resource to engage children with the issues around communication of genetic risk in common complex disorders.


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