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'Designer VRFs' at the Forum



The Genomics Forum is delighted to welcome designers Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King as Visiting Fellows from 2-5 February.


James and Daisy are designers with a particular interest in futures and implications of new biotechnologies (see visitor biographies for more information). They will be at Kings Buildings (the Edinburgh science campus) on Wednesday 3rd Feb, where they will give a lecture entitled 'Designers in the Lab' about their work. A seminar more oriented towards researchers in social science and design will be held at the Forum on Thursday 4th Feb.

James and Daisy are keen to meet with as many people as possible during their visit. Do please come along to their seminars, or email Emma Frow if you would like to arrange a time to meet and chat individually.

Visitor biographies

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is a designer, artist and researcher interested in the future. She uses design to explore the implications of emerging and unfamiliar technologies, science and services. She has an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, a degree in Architecture from Cambridge University, and spent a year at Harvard University as a Herchel Smith scholar. Daisy has just returned from a residency at Symbiotica in Perth. Her recent projects include 'The Synthetic Kingdom,' and 'Growth Assembly'. Daisy is also working with Jane Calvert, Alistair Elfick and Pablo Schyfter on the EPSRC/NSF Synthetic Aesthetics project. For more information, visit Daisy's website.

James King is a speculative designer working in the fields of biotechnology and interaction design. He designs applications for emerging technologies, and through this work examines their social and aesthetic implications. James' recent projects have focused on the use of tissue-culture technologies in food production, the future of pharmacy-based healthcare, and the aesthetics of nanotechnology at the human scale. Since graduating from the RCA he has run his own design practice and worked for clients including BERG and the BBC. His project entitled 'Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow' has recently been acquired by MoMA's permanent collection. For more information, visit James' website.


Designers at the Forum