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Dr Steve Sturdy discusses forensics with Ian Rankin and Lin Anderson



The second of the Forum's Social Sessions was another interesting night.


The second Social Session took place on Wednesday evening in the Reference section of Edinburgh Central Library. An audience of almost 100 enjoyed the debate about the role forensic science has in the writing of contemporary crime fiction, and the pros and cons of dna testing.

Forum Writer in Residence, Ken MacLeod, chaired the evening's discussion, with Lin Anderson - author of the series of 'Rhona MacLeod' novels about a forensic scientist - kicking things off with some insights into how she gathers information for her novels.

Ian Rankin then gave his views on the downside of DNA testing, and Dr. Steve Sturdy explained the process of DNA testing and record holding and gave some examples of its use in criminal investigations.

There were many questions and comments from the audience and the debate could have gone on for much longer than time allowed.

Photographs and report from Edinburgh Central Library