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Ken MacLeod in Science (Fiction) Experiment



Renowned Sci-Fi author to be published in an unusual anthology of science fiction short stories


Last year, Genomics Forum writer in residence, Ken MacLeod, was invited to take part in an intriguing experiment: an anthology of science fiction short stories, each story written in consultation with an actual scientist and based on that scientist's current research.

Ken's own contribution was inspired Dr Richard Blake's work on the project known as the Virtual Physiological Human. He states, "My immediate vague notion of taking the usual SF approach to such humane, beneficial developments (how could this advance be grossly misused, and what are the military applications?) suddenly came into focus and got an opening line and a title when I heard my son (a journalist) say: 'I hate death knocks.'"

Find out what Ken wrote and where you can read the the full story on his blog.....