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Festival of Politics



The Forum are organising an event at the Edinburgh Festival of Politics: 'From Darwin to Dolly – and Beyond!'


The Genomics Forum is sponsoring, ' an event at the Holyrood on 18 August.

Scotland is renowned as an innovative nation. Charles Darwin was introduced to evolutionary ideas here and now it is home to thriving life sciences research and industry. But what has happened since the demise of Dolly the sheep? What are the exciting developments now? And what will the future hold?

This event, chaired by Professor Nigel Brown (University of Edinburgh) will examine the past, present, and future of cutting-edge life science research in Scotland and look at how it compares to other countries. Participants include Professor Sir Ian Wilmut (University of Edinburgh) Professor Simon Best, Professor Christine Mummery (Leiden University, Netherlands).

The event will be held in Committee room 1 at Holyrood, at 3pm on Tuesday 18 August 2009.

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