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Gengage network conference

Conference   17.06.2009





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Gengage is a network which brings together, promotes and supports individuals and organisations working in Scotland to increase public awareness, dialogue and debate on issues to do with healthcare genetics.


Graham Hills Building,University of Strathclyde,50 Richmond Street,Glasgow G1 1XP

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About the Event:

Wednesday 17th June 2009, 10am - 4.15pm, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Healthcare genetics is a rapidly evolving area of science with implications for both policy making and society. What impact will advances in genetic medicine have on the day-to-day delivery of healthcare services? How can education and science engagement activities increase public understanding and debate about these issues?

This conference will bring together healthcare professionals, policy makers, patient groups, researchers, science communicators and public engagement practitioners to discuss and debate these questions.

The day will look at developments in genetic medicine in the context of Scottish Government policy and explore the challenges of an increasing role for genetics in the diagnosis and management of many conditions. Practical workshops will share good practice case studies and offer the opportunity to learn new public engagement skills and techniques.

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