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Genomics and Environmental Issues in China

Workshop   15.12.2008






Prof. Fengshi Wu, Chinese University of Hong KongLu Gao, Tingshua UniversityMoxuan Li, ISSTI University of EdinburghHang Miao, Chinese Academy of SciencesMorgan Huang, ISSTI, University of EdinburghXiang Fang, ISSTI, University of Edinburgh

Organised by

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, The University of Edinburgh


ESRC Genomics Policy and Research ForumThe University of EdinburghCollege of Humanities and Social ScienceSt John's LandHolyrood RoadEdinburgh EH8 8AQClick here for directions

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2008 has been a dramatic year for China, with attention from all over world directed towards environmental issues related to the Olympic Games, the earthquake and also problems generated alongside the country’s economic development. Many of China’s environmental concerns (including issues such as genomic developments, energy, pollution, etc) are also shared by other Asian countries such as Japan, Korean, as well as by the international community.How is China dealing with its environmental problems during this period of rapidly accelerating economic growth? Can China become ‘green’ without economic and social conflict? What public engagement and governance issues are generated by China’s ongoing environmental crisis? How can social science perspectives on biotechnology and the environment be brought to bear on these issues? This workshop represents an exciting opportunity to address these questions.


Following last year’s workshop about China’s Genomics and Environmental Governance ‘The Elephant in the Bedroom’, this year we will develop our discussion through presentations from new guest speakers - Prof. WU, Fengshi from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, LU, Gao from Tingshua University and HANG, Miao from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The objective of this workshop on China’s environmental challenges is to bring together scholars from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China in order to create a forum for dialogue concerning the most recent environmental challenges facing China.


11:00 - Coffee and Welcome

11:30 - Opening Remarks by Prof Steve Yearley, ESRC Genomics Research and PolicyForum, University of Edinburgh11:40 - Guest speaker: Prof Fengshi Wu, Hong Kong Chinese University : The rise of environmental activism in ChinaDiscussion, chaired by Steve Yearley

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 Genomics issues in China

  • Lu Gao, Tingshua University Genomics Policy in China: A historical view
  • Moxuan Li, ISSTI University of Edinburgh Rice is Life: Challenges for the governance of biotechnology in China, a case study
  • Discussions, chaired by Xiang Fang

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Environment and engagement in China (Taiwan)

  • Hang Miao, Chinese Academy of Sciences Crossing the Barrier: The Attempt of Public Engagement and Governance in China- An introduction to the “Science in Community” Activity
  • Morgan Huang, ISSTI, University of Edinburgh The importation of environmental justice: Can EJ make sense in Taiwanese society?
  • Xiang Fang, ISSTI, University of Edinburgh The Public Sphere of Risk and Environmental controversy in China: A case study of inland nuclear power stations
  • Discussions, chaired by Fengshi Wu

16:00 Discussion: Genomics and Environmental Governance in China

17:00 End of Workshop

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