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Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008

Edinburgh International Book Festival   30.11.1999





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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Genomics Network is a dedicated to examining the social and economic consequences surrounding the development and use of the science and technologies of genomics.

In August 2008, The Genomics Network will be running three cutting-edge events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival:

Body Shopping - Wednesday 13 August, 7.00pmPrivate umbilical cord blood banks; women trafficked for their eggs; cells, tissues and organs sought by the burgeoning biotechnology industry: who actually owns our bodies, who profits from them and what are the moral arguments about ownership?

The Book of Life - Saturday 16 August, 7.00pmThe mapping of the human genome is one of the most important scientific achievements of the last hundred years. Scottish poet Gillian Ferguson spent four years producing her own literary celebration of this monumental achievement. She meets with a leading geneticist and a prominent cultural commentator to reflect on the meanings of the Book of Life.

Electronic Genetic Profiling – Thurs. 21 August, 8.00pmDo you think your genes define you? What implications would there be if your DNA profile was merged with your medical history and personal information and then stored on a computer chip? How could this benefit doctors and scientists? Is our privacy or even our security at risk?

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