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Workshop on Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy

Workshop   30.11.1999






Mike Colechin (E.ON UK), Steve Critchley (Stewart Thermal Ltd), Adrian Ely (University of Sussex), Markku Lehtonen (University of Sussex), Stephan Slingerland (Clingendael International Energy Programme, Netherlands), Gail Taylor (University of Southampton), Tony Weighell (Joint Nature Conservation Committee)

Organised by

Emma Frow (ESRC Genomics Forum)


National Institute for Agricultural Botany, Cambridge

Event details

Biomass is receiving increased interest as a source of ‘carbon-neutral’ renewable energy, as many countries strive to simultaneously reduce their dependence on foreign oil reserves, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate their rural economies. However, the landscape for bioenergy R&D is complicated and finely balanced, set against a backdrop of existing regulatory frameworks and policy targets for climate change, conservation, land use and CAP reform, transport, and energy supply and security.Despite strong political goodwill towards bioenergy development, a robust economic case for bioenergy has not been systematically made, and it is increasingly apparent that there are a number of complex social and environmental implications to consider. There is growing demand to integrate these various facets of the bioenergy debate, both to help guide policy decisions and to suggest the most appropriate way for bioenergy R&D to move forward.This interdisciplinary workshop will begin to address these issues by mapping and exploring some of the changing relationships between stakeholders, the infrastructure and research needs, and the new value chains emerging in relation to bioenergy development in the UK and abroad. Discussion will focus on key issues for bioenergy research as well as the wider policy context for bioenergy.PDF copies of the workshop presentations are available to download here:Mike Colechin — UK energy innovation — the role for biomass? [PDF]Steve Critchley — Biomass power — ‘our world of experience’ [PDF]Adrian Ely & Markku Lehtonen — Methods for appraising the sustainability of biofuel options [PDF]Stephan Slingerland — The geopolitics of (bio)energy [PDF]Gail Taylor — Genomics for bioenergy [PDF]Tony Weighell — Biodiversity and bioenergy: where are the current dynamics taking us? [PDF]A workshop report on Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy is available to download.Working papers on Genomics, Farming and the Bioeconomy and a Case Study on Bioenergy are also available.

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