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Public Engagement: Promise and Perils

Workshop   17.07.2008






  • Robert Evans (School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff)
  • Sarah Parry (Innogen, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Joyce Tait (Innogen, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Brian Wynne (Cesagen, University of Lancaster)
  • Steve Yearley (Genomics Forum, The University of Edinburgh)

Organised by

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum


ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum The University of Edinburgh College of Humanities and Social Science St John's Land Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8AQ

Event details

In recent years, states interested in developing novel forms of technoscience increasingly have funded efforts designed to foster “engagements” between scientists and engineers and ‘the public.’ From one perspective, this development might count as a success story for the democratization of science, and might illustrate scientists’ and engineers’ changing relationship with citizens. Rather than maintaining a wall that divides science and civil society, increasingly scientists and engineers and those that administer their research seek to elicit and include the voices of ‘the public’ in the design and regulation of research and innovation processes. However, very few resources have been devoted to understanding ‘public engagement’ processes themselves, and thus their meanings and material forms still remain far from clear. This workshop seeks to gather together scholars studying and/or participating in ‘public engagements’ in order to map out the space of public engagements, and to account for what 'engagements' have been doing and producing in the various sites of their enactment. The workshop also seeks to better understand the role of the social sciences and humanities in producing these engagements, and the perils and promises of this novel role for scholars in the social studies of science and technology in the production of emergent forms of technoscience.

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