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Assessing Research Use and Research Impact: Developing an Evidence Base for Action

Seminar   11.01.2007






Professor Sandra Nutley, University of Edinburgh


Boardroom, ESRC Genomics Forum St John's land, 3rd floor (on Moray House quad)

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There is growing interest in trying to understand the non-academic impact ofresearch among a range of stakeholders - often with intentions of enablingbetter research management. However given all the complexity, diversity andmessiness of research use, how can research impact and strategies aimed atenhancing this be assessed? This seminar will outline key approaches toassessing research impact and the challenges and problems encountered bythese. It will argue that approaches to assessing impact need to bepurposeful, pragmatic and cognisant of the complexities involved.

The importance of rising to these challenges will be emphasised throughdrawing on the experience of chairing the Scottish Funding Council'sKnowledge Transfer into Public Policy Action Group. This experience pointsto the need for a more robust evidence base to inform proposals for actionin this area.

Biographical details:

Sandra Nutley, is Professor of Public Management and Director of the Research Unit forResearch Utilisation, Management School, University of Edinbugh.

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