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Symposium on The UK Transpecies Embryo Debate

Workshop   27.11.2007






ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum

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Over the course of the last year science policy making in the UK has been concerned with far-reaching revisions to the governance and regulation of reproductive biology. Central to that debate has been the question of whether and how regulation should respond to requests to create and use transpecies human/animal embryos in research.

The purpose of this meeting is to reflect upon the science policy process behind that debate, and to consider the ways in which the transpecies embryo debate reflects wider cultural, scientific and regulatory changes at the boundaries of the human and the animal. This one day event will be a focussed opportunity for discussion with a series of invited presentations and comments. It will contribute to a published report to reflect findings from the event.

Themes for discussion:

The question of the human in transpecies reproductive innovation – the debate maps onto much broader ongoing transformations of the relations between humans and other species in contexts as wide ranging as genomics, pharming and animal-based experimentation and innovation.

Regulatory history and cultural change – the way in which the debate and its regulatory aspects have evolved over time; the history of the discussion since the mid 1980s and early 1990s.

Institutional species patterning of regulatory bodies – the relationship between HFEA and the APC; new arrangements for RATE; regulatory spaces between different agencies.

Policy making and consultation in the reproductive sciences – exploring the tensions and relationships between efforts to consult widely on sometimes highly technical questions; debates surrounding the responsiveness or otherwise of policy making to those constituencies consulted; routes of accountability, etc.

Download the workshop programme - Symposium on The UK Transpecies Embryo Debate

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