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CBAR Workshop: Law and Ethical Regulation of Stem Cells

Workshop   23.11.2007






ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, Boardroom, 3rd Floor, St John's Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Event details

Dr Marilyn Robertson (Scottish Stem Cell Network), Dr Ingrid Geesink (Cesagen, Cardiff University), Dr Nik Brown (SATSU, University of York), Mr Gerard Porter (School of Law, University of Edinburgh)


This capacity building and awareness raising workshop (CBAR) will explore key issues in regulating stem cell research and the legal protection of human embryonic stem cell (heSC) research. Legal changes have occurred in recent years with the adoption of tightly regulated but permissive approaches in the use of heSC for research purposes and current legal regimes vary widely, from permissive to restrictive, in different countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. This event provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the role of law in regulating heSC research, the links between law, ethics and culture, their implications for research priorities and practice. The workshop aims to promote understanding of the ‘basic ingredients’ of stem cell law, and the interaction of legal, scientific, ethical and social expertise in regulatory policy and practice of stem cell science.

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