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Global Forum on Biotechnology - The Evolving Promise of the Life Sciences

Conference   12.11.2012





Organised by

in collaboration with OECD


OECD Conference Centre2 rue André Pascal75775 Cedex 16 ParisFrance

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The last few decades have seen unprecedented developments in our understanding and application of the life sciences. From breakthroughs in mammalian cloning that led to the birth of Dolly the Sheep to the mapping of the human genome, advances in biological and medical science continue to spawn new and emerging disciplines. Yet recent progress in life sciences has arguably been less than expected. For example, mapping the human genome has not quite achieved the comprehensive understanding of our genetic functioning that was originally anticipated.

Do developments in the life sciences align with the expected promises envisaged 20-30 years ago? And as new biotechnologies continue to be developed and become ever more accessible and affordable, what can we learn about the ways that our expectations of technology shape the products and services that come to market?

These are amongst the issues to be considered at the forthcoming Global Forum on Biotechnology: The Evolving Promise of the Life Sciences, jointly organised by the OECD and the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum.

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