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Evening Reception: Celebrating the Work of Gengage

Public event   25.09.2012






Fellows Library - Surgeon’s Hall, Edinburgh

Event details

All are welcome to attend an evening reception to celebrate the work of Gengage. The reception will be held on the 25th September, from 6 – 7.30pm, in the Fellows Library at Surgeon’s Hall, Edinburgh.

Gengage, The Scottish Healthcare Genetics Public Engagement Network, has been running public engagement events for the last four years on areas as diverse as: teaching Genetics in Schools; Genetics in the NHS; Brain Banking; Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis; and Sudden Cardiac Death among the Young.

This final event aims to bring together all those who have participated in these events or who are interested in the topic of Genetics. This includes members of the public, steering and event group members, speakers, facilitators, and others who contributed to Gengage’s work and funding. The evening will include short talks from some of those involved in Gengage - including the Chair of the Gengage Steering Group, Professor Emeritus Kenneth Boyd - to help reflect on what Gengage has achieved over the last four years.

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