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The Scientist in Fiction: Creative or Crazed Genius?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   22.08.2012






Sophie McKenzie, author of the Medusa Project and em>Blood Ties series

Dr Alistair Elfick, Director, Centre for Biomedical Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Dr David Kirby, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Studies, University of Manchester

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in association with the Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Science at school is seen as a facts and figures discipline but it’s a rich source of innovation that can change the way we all experience the world.

Author Sophie McKenzie has written about genetics in her Medusa Project and Blood Ties series, exploring the emotional, social and scientific consequences of manipulating genes. Her scientists are complex, ambiguous characters. Sophie is joined by Dr Alistair Elfick, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh University and Dr David Kirby, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of Manchester, to explore why so often in fiction the creative scientist is portrayed as an evil genius.

For ages 12+

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