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DIY-Bio: Empowerment or Anarchy?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   13.08.2012






Ben Hammersley, Editor at Large of Wired UK

Dr Alessandro Delfanti, author of the upcoming Biohackers and

, RCUK Academic Fellow at

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in association with the Edinburgh International Book Festival

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We are in a new age of biohackers and citizen-scientists. With materials for home experimenting in the life sciences readily available, are individuals being empowered or is this deregulation dangerous? Our ability to synthesise biological entities is changing our relationship with the natural objects we take for granted. What are the innovative advances and political and ethical challenges behind this revolution? Internet technologist, Ben Hammersley, Dr Alessandro Delfanti, author of the forthcoming Biohackers, and synthetic aesthetics researcher Dr Jane Calvert discuss the implications, chaired by Dr Pippa Goldschmidt.

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