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Knowledge brokering - how can theory be useful in practice?

Workshop   18.06.2012






Dr Morgan Meyer, Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, Mines-ParisTech, and ESRC Genomics Forum Bright Ideas Fellow

Organised by

Dr Morgan Meyer and Dr Christine Knight, ESRC Genomics Policy & Research Forum

Event details

This workshop will present the theory behind the term "knowledge brokering" and allow participants to consider how thinking about communication models, intermediaries, knowledge translation and brokering can be useful for reflecting on knowledge brokering practice. The event is aimed at knowledge exchange practitioners and others with a remit in supporting research use in policy and practice - whether in universities, government, the voluntary sector or elsewhere.Genomics Forum Bright Ideas Fellow Dr Morgan Meyer will present a brief overview of the theory of brokering as well as emerging findings from research with knowledge brokers. The remainder of the session will be interactive and aims to critically discuss the notion of knowledge brokering, to get feedback from people's own experiences or problems with knowledge transfer, and to stimulate cross-fertilisation between the theory and the practice of knowledge brokering. We welcome people from a broad range of backgrounds: practitioners, managers, sociologists, scholars in science studies, communication studies, and more!

This event is free but advance registration is required as places are limited. To register email Steph Wright, Genomics Forum Events Manager, at steph.wright@ed.ac.uk

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