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Talent Night in the Fly Room

Public event   29.03.2012





Organised by

ESRC Genomics Forum and The Traverse Theatre

Peter Arnott is the ESRC Genomics's Forum Resident Playwright appointed in partnership with the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.


Traverse TwoTraverse Theatre10 Cambridge StreetEdinburgh, EH1 2ED

Box Office: 0131 228 1404

Event details

Somewhere in the far future, the last genetically engineered survivors of the human race come together one last time in the library at the end of time. Stored here in the bowels of Antarctica is the sum total of all human knowledge, as well as a DNA library of every species that has ever lived. Unfortunately, everyone has forgotten how to read. And the libratrians are beginning to suspect that God (or biology) has a sense of irony.

Yes it's Talent night in the Fly Room.

For one night only - Songs and poems and sketches and stories from the genome that brought you Peter Arnott's plays The Breathing House, White Rose and many more.

Tickets cost £6 and will be available from the Traverse Theatre box office or by calling 0131 228 1404

Read news of Peter's new play commission: Playwright in Residence - new work set to fly

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