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Vampires and vegetarianism in the 21st century: ESRC Festival of Social Science

Public event   01.11.2011






Emma King, PhD Candidate, Innogen, University of Edinburgh

, Research Fellow, Cesagen, Cardiff University

Dr Sarah Artt, Lecturer in English and Film, Edinburgh Napier University

Organised by

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, University of Edinburgh´╗┐


Rich MixScreen 135-47 Bethnal Green RoadLondon, E1 6LA

Event details

FREE EVENT: Vampires aren't just for Halloween!

What does stem cell research have to do with Twilight? Join experts from the ESRC Genomics Network and Edinburgh Napier University to discuss how synthetic blood and meat are affecting our lives – and those of film and television vampires. What should we eat when flesh and blood can be grown in the lab?´╗┐

Vampires on the True Blood television series are already enjoying the advantages of synthetic blood. For humans, the benefits of blood manufactured from embryonic stem cells may be less than a decade away. Whether society can develop an acceptance of cultured blood—or an appetite for related technology synthetic meat—is far from clear.

Clips from the hugely popular True Blood TV show as well as the Twilight book and film series will provide a starting point for debate on recent biotechnological developments, notably stem cell research, at a public event organised as part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science 2011. the discussion will range from Twilight’s ‘vegetarian vampires’ to the possibilities of synthetic in vitro meat.

All Welcome! Particularly encouraged to attend are: Fans of vampire fiction and film, students of all ages, and scientists interested in the social and cultural impact of these technologies.

Experts (not vampires) will be on hand to present the latest findings on in vitro blood and meat and stem cell research, as well as debate their potential impact on society.

Read our event media release - Can we share vampires’ appetite for synthetic blood?

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