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Debate: Natural v Unnatural - The Strange Business of Making People

Edinburgh International Book Festival   16.08.2011






Organised by

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum


Spiegeltent - Edinburgh International Book Festival

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New technologies now give us unprecedented powers to alter human biology. Is an understanding of the human genome putting the destiny of humanity in question? Encompassing cloning, stem cell research and ‘designer’ babies, this event looks at the issue of whether any human attributes are really ‘natural’ any more.

This event featured Philip Ball, author of Unnatural: the Heretical Idea of Making People, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, design fellow in the research project ‘Synthetic Aesthetics’ at Stanford University, and Steve Yearley, director of the ESRC Genomics Forum. Chaired by Sarah Parry, Lecturer at Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), University of Edinburgh.

Read the three blogs about the event:

Ken MacLeod's report of the Forum's event at the Forum's blog, Genotype; Pippa Goldschmidt's commentary on Philip Ball's book festival reading; and Peter Arnott's thoughts on Philip Ball and his work.

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