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Young Adults Debate: Surviving Adolescence: Do Drugs Work?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   15.08.2011






Organised by

ESRC Genomics and Policy Research Forum


Peppers Theatre - Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Recently, aspects of puberty and adolescent behaviour have begun to be classified as a medical condition. What are the consequences of this approach, and why did we introduce drugs as a way of ‘treating’ young people?

This event explored young people’s relationships to Ritalin and other behaviour modifying prescription drugs, and more generally their relationship to medicine.

Joining the interactive discussion were award-winning author for teens, Nicola Morgan; sociologist and author of Drugs, Intoxication and Society, Angus Bancroft; and Hayden Kilpatrick, Senior Counsellor for The Junction, a provider of health related and support services for young people.

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