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From Healthy Embryos to Designer Babies: How Far is Too Far?
Free event

Edinburgh International Science Festival   20.04.2011






Professor Kenneth Boyd (Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Edinburgh).

Dr. Margo Whiteford (Consultant Geneticist and Chair of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association).

Dr. Mike Winter (Medical Director, National Services Division, NHS Scotland).

Professor Mary Porteous (Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Edinburgh University).

Professor Scott Nelson (Muirhead Chair of Reproductive & Maternal Medici, Glasgow University).

Professor David Achard (Professor of Philosophy, Lancaster University, Deputy Chair of the HFEA Ethics and Law Advisory Committee, and Chair of the HFEA License Committee).


National E-Science Centre, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA

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Under what circumstances should parents be allowed to have embryos screened prior to implantation? How serious does the risk of disease have to be before they can select a healthy embryo? And should parents be allowed to conceive a child to become a 'saviour siblings'? Join us for an in-depth discussion where your views will help shape the way scientists take forward this agenda in Scotland.

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