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What should happen to your brain after you die?

Public event   04.03.2011





Organised by

Gengage - The Scottish Healthcare Genetics Public Engagement Network


Science Centre, Glasgow

Event details

Gengage is holding a deliberative event on brain donation and brain banking.Join us for an in-depth discussion addressing issues such as:

  • Should we donate our brains for research after we die?
  • If so, what sort of procedures should be put in place to ensure that they are used as we would wish?
  • Should researchers be allowed to conduct genetic research on donated human brains?
  • Should the use of donated brain material give rise to commercial gain?
  • Is brain donation the same as tissue or organ donation?
A series of short presentations will be followed by facilitated round-table discussions. You will be asked to ‘vote’ on a number of questions.At the end of the event you will have the opportunity to chat to the speakers over a glass of wine and nibbles, and explore the first floor science mall.

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