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Judged by Genetics? - Festival of Politics

Public event   17.08.2010






    • Hugh O'Donnell, MSP
    • Professor Alan Miller, Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission
    • Gary Christie, Policy & Research Manager, Scottish Refugee Council
    • Dr Bruce Durie, Course Director of Genealogical Studies, University of Strathclyde

      Organised by

      ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum and the British Council


      The event will take place at 1:30pm on 17 August at the Scottish Parliament, Committee Room 3.

      Event details

      This event will discuss the use of immigrants’ and asylum seekers’ DNA to determine family relationships and nationality.Immigration authorities in many countries routinely use genetic tests to determine biological relatedness of immigrants seeking family reunification, and some are now considering analysing asylum seekers' DNA to verify their country of origin. But what can DNA really tell us about human origins and human relatedness? Does reliance on such testing mean science takes precedence over personal experience? And why should someone's DNA be more important than their personal history?

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