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Can We All Be Geniuses?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   19.08.2010






  • David Shenk
  • Wendy Johnson
  • Mark Vernon
  • Steve Sturdy (Chair)

Organised by

Toni Freitas, Events Manager, 0131.651.4736


Edinburgh International Book Festival

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While the classic nature-versus-nurture debate over the source of human intelligence has long been eclipsed by the understanding that it’s a mixture of both, advances in the study of neurology have tended to focus scientific research on the genetic side of the equation. But David Shenk’s new work on the very strong environmental influences on intelligence has given a new energy to the debate. Shenk was joined in this event by Wendy Johnson, an expert in the interaction of genes and environment, and Mark Vernon, a writer, teacher and journalist with a wide range of interests focused on the question of how we should live.

This event was sold out.

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