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Science & Literature: is science fiction the missing link?

Public event   09.06.2010






Ken McLeod, SciFi Writer

Organised by

Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Discussions


Sofi's, 65 Henderson Street, Leith

Event details

Science & Literature: is science fiction the missing link? - Talk & Discussion with Ken McLeod, SciFi WriterVenue: Sofi's, 65 Henderson Street, Leith Date & Time: Wednesday 9th June, 7-9pmInfo: Science fiction is a literary genre that identifies itself with popularising science and imagining the social consequences of scientific and technological change. It might seem an obvious focus for overcoming the mutual misunderstandings of the ‘two cultures’ of the arts and the sciences. However, it’s often seen as an embarrassment to both: using illiterate writing to spread inaccurate science.Is there any truth in this charge, or is it a symptom of ignorance and disdain for science in the arts establishment? Can science fiction writers and readers contribute to overcoming these divides?We ask Ken MacLeod.Ken MacLeod is an award- winning SF novelist and current writer- in- residence at the Genomics Forum. He will tell us about his experiences of addressing science and politics - in his own writing and in the work of the Forum - and will guide the discussion.Join us for dissidence and revelry.

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