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What can development policy learn from the history of development?

Workshop   03.06.2010






  • Jonathan Harwood (University of Manchester)
  • Stuart McCook (University of Guelph)
  • Harro Maat (University of Wageningen)
  • Paul Richards (University of Wageningen)

Organised by

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, The University of Edinburgh


ESRC Genomics Policy and Research ForumThe University of EdinburghCollege of Humanities and Social ScienceSt John's LandHolyrood RoadEdinburgh EH8 8AQ

Event details

Many historians of Western agriculture, historians of colonial agriculture, and social scientists concerned with third world development share an interest in large scale agricultural transformations. Despite this, however, they work largely in isolation from one another, reading different journals, attending different conferences and inhabiting different departments.

Organised by Professor Jonathan Harwood and hosted by the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, this half-day workshop aims to set aside such academic tribalism in order to start a dialogue. The papers - by historians from the Netherlands, Canada and the UK - share a concern to explore the implications of historical analysis for contemporary issues of development. Discussion will focus especially on the possible implications of historical insights for current policy. Papers will be pre-circulated, allowing plenty of time for commentary and discussion. It is therefore essential that anyone wishing to attend the workshop registers in good time to receive and read the papers. Programme 12.30 Registration and lunch

13.30 Welcome and introduction

13.35 Stuart McCook (University of Guelph), “The ecology of development: a history of ‘bad’ coffee

14.20 Harro Maat (University of Wageningen), “The rice genome and its history; mutual benefit and policy implications

15.05 Tea

15.35 Jonathan Harwood (University of Manchester), “Do development programmes learn from experience? Experts reflect upon the first generation of Green Revolution programmes

16.20 Paul Richards (University of Wageningen), Commentary

17.00 Discussion

17.30 Close

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