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SOLD OUT The Social Session 02: Dr Jekyll's DNA found - is Hyde in the clear?

Public event   18.11.2009






Ian Rankin (author), Lin Anderson (author), (ESRC Genomics Forum)

Organised by

ESRC Genomics Forum, The City of Literature Trust, Edinburgh Central Library


The Reference Library, Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge

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In the late nineteenth century, criminologists such as Lombroso argued that the criminal was an evolutionary throwback. Genes 'for' deviant behaviour are still sometimes claimed to exist. But it's after the crime has taken place that genetic science comes to the fore, with DNA evidence often decisive in convicting or clearing a suspect. Do crime writers still find their villains conform to 'the criminal type'? And has the DNA revolution in forensic science changed the plot?

The Social Sessions are a carnival of discussions about science and literature taking place October 2009 - January 2010.

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Event report and images available at Tales of One City - Edinburgh City Libraries Blog