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New research on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Workshop   08.10.2009






1. , 'Hype, hybrids and the re-construction of governance of embryo research in the UK'

2. Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning, 'The HFE Act 2008 - implications for human embryonic stem cell research'

3. Malcolm Smith, 'The welfare principle in the context of pre-implantation tissue-typing: a harm based approach?'

Biographical details:

1. John Gillott is a PhD student with Innogen at The Open University, where his research is titled: 'The changing governance of science? A critical inquiry into the contemporary politics and governance of research as explored through the human tissue and embryo cases in the UK.' John worked most recently as Policy Officer at the Genetic Interest Group.

2. Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning is Graduate Teaching Assistant at Cardiff Law School, and was recently awarded her PhD on 'Legal and moral aspects of human embryonic stem cell research'. Natasha's research interests include stem cells, cloning, human fertilisation and embryology, hybrid embryos and bioethics; she has written extensively in these areas.

3. Malcolm Smith will shortly submit his PhD thesis, undertaken at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, examining regulatory aspects of IVF within Australia and the UK for the creation of 'saviour siblings'. Malcolm is currently employed within the Legal Services Department at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Organised by

Dr. Christine Knight, Policy Officer at the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum.


This workshop is part of the series of 'policy workshops' taking place at the in Cardiff from 7 - 9 October.

Cardiff City HallCathays ParkCardiff CF10 3ND

Event details


This workshop will present research on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 from current PhD students and recent graduates. The majority of the HFE Act comes into force in October 2009, and this workshop will be of interest to regulators and policymakers, scientists and clinicians, social scientists and the media.

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