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Mediating Genomics, Gender and Genre: Travelling Tropes and Global Iconography

Past event   14.11.2005






Dr Joan Haran and Dr Kate O'Riordan, ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics, Universities of Cardiff and Lancaster.


Boardroom, Genomics Forum, St John's Land (adjacent to Old Moray House)


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The two case studies that make up this presentation will map the ways in which genomics and gender are mediated across factual and fictional genres.

The case of cloning will be our point of focus as, in both its therapeutic and reproductive versions, it appears to mobilise a range of anxieties about scientific ethics, (post)human futures and social norms.

We will explore how these anxieties and attempts to manage them are represented rhetorically and iconographically in popular and alternative fictional film texts as well as in television and press news bulletins. We will argue that ambivalent and contradictory messages are mobilised both within and between genres, resulting in a discursive terrain that is available to multiple readings. We will also discuss the ways in which these multiple readings may be applied to particular rhetorical ends by a range of actors in the field currently rendered as 'Science in Society'.

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