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Genomics and Bioweapons: Emerging Governance Issues

Past event   02.02.2006





Event details

This exploratory meeting aimed to identify particular policy-relevant issues related to genomics and bioweapons that could be pursued through a multi-disciplinary, collaborative project.

As a starting point, the meeting discussed:

  • Any key knowledge gaps as related to policy, genomics, and biowarfare/bioterrorism
  • How severe is the current threat from biowarfare / bioterrorism? How are advances in genomics altering this threat? Do governance mechanisms account for this?
  • How are governance tools designed to mitigate the risks of biowarfare impacting the trajectory of genomics research?
  • How the Genomics Forum might contribute to policy discussions in anticipation of the 6th Review Conference of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)

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