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Public Trust, Intellectual Property and Human Genetic Databanking

Past event   31.05.2006






Dr Dianne Nicol


Boardroom, ESRC Genomics Forum, 3rd Floor of St John's Land, on Moray House Education Quad (just off St John's Street)


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The issues associated with public trust in human genetic databanking arecomplex and multifaceted. This presentation focuses on the particularproblems associated with trust in the commercialisation of biomedicalresearch utilising human biological materials stored in human geneticdatabanks. It will be argued that one mechanism for improving public trustis for human genetic databanks to have adequate and appropriate intellectualproperty and access policies that explicitly make provision for benefitsharing arrangements. Benefit sharing should not be seen as a threat to thecommercial success of the endeavour but as an important component in its success.

About Dr Nicol:

Dr Dianne Nicol is a senior lecturer in the Law Faculty at the Universityof Tasmania and a member of the Centre for Law and Genetics (CLG), across-institutional research group with members from the University ofTasmania and Melbourne University. She has a PhD in cell biology and an LLMin intellectual property law. Dianne has broad research interests in thelegal and ethical issues associated with genetics and biotechnology, withparticular focus on commercialisation.

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