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European Research Area on Societal Aspects of Genomics ERA-SAGE

Past event   18.10.2006





Event details

The European Research Area on Societal Aspects of Genomics ERA-SAGE is an EU funded project looking at ethical, legal, and social aspects of genomics across the Netherlands, UK, Austria, Finnland, Norway, and Germany as well as Israel, Switzerland, and Canada. One of its aims is to achieve greater synergy and to enhance both quality and quantity of ELSA research across Europe.

The ESRC is responsible for organising Work Package 2 (WP2), which assesses ELSA research needs in order to define a common ELSA strategy. One part of WP2 is for each partner country to organise a workshop with national key players. The Forum was asked to organise the UK workshop in collaboration with EGN centres. ERA-SAGE is looking to interact mainly with research funders, managers and policy makers. Therefore, discussants will represent research councils, Wellcome Trust, DoH, DEFRA etc.

The objective of the workshop, as set out by ERA-SAGE, is to facilitate in depth discussions on three specific questions (cf. ERA-SAGE Template for WP2 Workshops):

1) What is the relevance of ELSA research both for society and for the life sciences?

2) How should ELSA research be defined and distinguished from other research fields?

3) What aspects of ELSA are considered to be under- or overrepresented in current research programming and/or research portfolios?

Time permitting, additional topics are ‘interdisciplinary issues’ (to what extent are interdisciplinary projects encouraged/ funded) and ‘identification of common social scientific topics, strategic aims, research capacities & key players’. The emphasis of these meetings is on strong audience participation and feedback, and the combination of both breakout groups and plenary sessions will allow for this.

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