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Over the Counter Genetic Tests - Regulation in the UK

Past event   19.10.2006






Hilary Newiss


Boardroom, ESRC Genomics Forum


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An explosion of over the counter genetic tests was anticipated by the government five years ago and led to the report 'Genes Direct' by the Human Genetics Commission in 2003. The report highlighted the fundamental ethical question - how far should the government regulate to protect people from buying harmless tests of doubtful value? At the time, the explosion had not happened and a cautious approach to regulation was taken by the Commission, favouring allowing new consumer legislation to bed down.

This seminar will look at the current situation in the UK, recent developments in the U.S. andask whether that conclusion still holds.


Hilary was for many years a partner and Head of Intellectual Property at Denton Hall, Solicitors. She left in 2000 and has since been involved in policy and regulation, sitting on inter alia the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee and the Human Genetics Commission until Jan 2006. She is currently a member of the P3G consortium, on the Advisory Boards of several European research projects, the Development Board of Somerville College Oxford and the Governing Council of Roslin Institute.

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