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Is Monogamy Deviant?

Public event   15.10.2009





Organised by

ESRC Genomics Forum and The Skinny magazine


Tramway Theatre, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE


Event details

IsMonogamyDeviantIn association with the run of Pamela Carter's new play 'An Argument About Sex' at Tramway in October, The Skinny magazine and the ESRC Genomics Forum present a fascinating discussion about our deepest drives...Taking in scientific, social and creative perspectives, an expert panel will look to get the most up-to-date insight into whether we are in fact programmed to be unfaithful, and if so, what we can or should do about it.

We will be joined by the adaptation's writer Pamela Carter, the play's Director Stewart Laing, evolutionary psychologist Helena Cronin, with another leading speaking to be announced.

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