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Edinburgh International Book Festival - Genetics and identity in the year of 'Homecoming'

Edinburgh International Book Festival   27.08.2009






Dr Bruce Durie, University of Strathclyde

Gwyneth Lewis, writer, producer and National Poet of Wales (2005-2006)

Ken MacLeod (Chair), author, ESRC Genomics Forum writer in residence

Suhayl Saadi, author

Organised by

Emma Capewell 0131 651 4746, emma.capewell@ed.ac.uk


Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh

For a venue map, please click on this link

Event details

Event Details: The 2009 Year of Homecoming celebrates Scotland's national identity, encapsulated in the iconic figure of Robert Burns. But what defines our national self? How does it relate to our genetic inheritance? And how is it reflected in our country's literature? Celebrated Scottish science fiction author Ken MacLeod chairs a panel discussion including novelist Suhayl Saadi, author of Psychoraag, designated one of the 100 Best Scottish Books of all time, and other guests.

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