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Art meets science: Creating the genome

Public event   21.05.2013

Why We Play - Edinburgh International Science Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival   27.03.2013

Evaporation of Things

Public event   13.03.2013

Data Protection and Sharing

Seminar   27.02.2013

Tell Them Our Stories

Public event   12.02.2013

Conservation through a pantomime!

Public event   26.01.2013

The Revolution will be Bio-Based

ESRC Festival of Social Science   10.11.2012

Cell Culture

Public event   03.11.2012

A Number - A play by Caryl Churchill

Public event   11.09.2012

The Scientist in Fiction: Creative or Crazed Genius?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   22.08.2012

The Epigenetic Evolution

Edinburgh International Book Festival   18.08.2012

DIY-Bio: Empowerment or Anarchy?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   13.08.2012

'The Fly Room' with Peter Arnott

Public event   16.04.2012

Talent Night in the Fly Room

Public event   29.03.2012

Translating the Genome?

Public event   26.01.2012

Translating the Genome?

Public event   24.11.2011

Translating the Genome?

Public event   22.09.2011

Debate: Natural v Unnatural - The Strange Business of Making People

Edinburgh International Book Festival   16.08.2011

Young Adults Debate: Surviving Adolescence: Do Drugs Work?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   15.08.2011

Gengage 2011 Conference

Conference   22.06.2011

From Healthy Embryos to Designer Babies: How Far is Too Far?
Free event

Edinburgh International Science Festival   20.04.2011

Genomics Poetry Competition Reading Party

Public event   13.04.2011

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   28.08.2010

Can We All Be Geniuses?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   19.08.2010

Judged by Genetics? - Festival of Politics

Public event   17.08.2010

Are Friends Electric?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   15.08.2010

Gengage - FREE Brain Bank Event at Edinburgh Science Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival   16.04.2010

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing - a moral maze?

ESRC Festival of Social Science   16.03.2010

The Future of the Codex Alimentarius

Workshop   16.03.2010

Designing synthetic biology

Seminar   04.02.2010

Is Monogamy Deviant?

Public event   15.10.2009

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2009

Edinburgh International Book Festival   20.08.2009

Holyrood Festival of Politics

Public event   18.08.2009

Writers' Bloc - Genomics Themed Evening

Public event   02.07.2009

Gengage network conference

Conference   17.06.2009

Workshop on STS and Synthetic Biology

Workshop   20.05.2009

Personal genetic data, do we need to know?

Public event   14.05.2009

Is Embryo Research the Limit?

Workshop   12.03.2009

The Future of Medicine: Innovation from bench to bedside

ESRC Festival of Social Science   10.03.2009

Genomics and Society: Reinventing Life?

Conference   27.10.2008


Seminar   29.09.2008

Public Engagement: Promise and Perils

Workshop   17.07.2008

CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference

Conference   17.04.2008

A green future for bioenergy?

Edinburgh International Science Festival   03.04.2008

How do you like your woods?

Public event   15.03.2008

Synthetic Biology Scoping Meeting

Workshop   03.09.2007

The Colour of Our Skins

Public event   17.07.2007

Publications Launch-Science and Genomics

Public event   26.06.2007

Measuring Up: How Standards Shape our Lives

Public event   10.05.2007

/Salon 03: Social/ Science

Past event   12.03.2007

/Salon 02: Discuss/ Disgust

Past event   29.01.2007

/Salon 01: Science/ Creation

Past event   04.12.2006

Image and Trust?

Past event   18.10.2006

Wellcome Trust Information Meeting

Past event   24.04.2006

Science and the Parliament 2005

Past event   02.11.2005

Seminar by Dr Peter Greenaway

Past event   03.06.2005

Genomics and Biosecurity

Past event   30.11.1999

Modern Biology and Its Social Impact

Past event   30.11.1999

Biomedical Ethics Film Festival, Edinburgh

Public event   30.11.1999

Biomedical Ethics Filmfestival

Past event   30.11.1999

PFGS Conference

Past event   30.11.1999

First EGN Conference

Past event   30.11.1999

Scoping Meetings

Past event   30.11.1999

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008

Edinburgh International Book Festival   30.11.1999

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2007

Edinburgh International Book Festival   30.11.1999