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Genomics Forum Resident and Visiting Artists

Given the Genomics Forum’s emphasis upon seeking to use innovative approaches and channels to promote social research into the life sciences, it is perhaps natural that the initiative turned – from an early stage – to artistic engagement to reach out beyond traditional to wider audiences. By establishing a series of artistic residencies and engagements – featuring visual artists, writers, designers, photographers, poets and documentary filmmakers (see below) – the Forum has been able to interact with stakeholders in stimulating and often unconventional ways. This has resulted in a broadening of the debate about the impacts that developments in the life sciences are having upon society and the lives of individuals.

Packaged as the Creative Space initiative, time spent with the Forum by its resident and visiting artists has resulted in diverse and stimulating outputs, ranging from a website featuring genomics-themed short works of fiction, through to projected visual installations examining issues around heredity and cloning. A number of the artistic projects leave a legacy that will ensure the continuation of the Forum’s engagement beyond the period of the award. Playwright-in-Residence, Peter Arnott, has recently completed a drama – stemming from a commission by the Forum and the Traverse Theatre – which has themes of genetic illness and identity running throughout. This play will receive a directed reading at the Traverse Theatre in autumn 2013, with a view to subsequently moving to full production.

In spring 2013 Forum Documentary Filmmakers-in-Residence, Cameron Duguid and Lindsay Goodall, completed two short films each focusing on genomics. Cameron has produced Simply Complex - an animated exploration of how the development of our understanding of DNA has impacted the life sciences and wider society. Lindsay’s film – entitled East End Journey – focuses on the comparatively poor levels of health and reduced life expectancy experienced by residents of the east end of Glasgow, and the possible role of epigenetic factors in understanding this disparity. Both these films will now be entered into competition at film festivals, both in the UK and globally.

Creative Space: artists, writers and designers in residence

Cameron Duguid


2012 - 2013

Simply Complex - animated documentary film

Lindsay Goodall


2012 - 2013

East End Journey - documentary film

Samantha Walton



TTAGGG Sequence - genomics-inspired poetry

Georgina Wood



Photographic work on the evolution of biofuels

Peter Arnott


2011 - 2012

Genomics-themed play

Ann Lingard


2010 - 2011

Tell them our stories

Pippa Goldschmidt


2009 - 2010

‘GM Fiction’, short story competition and book; Genomics Forum poetry competition

Ken MacLeod


2009 - 2010

‘Human Genre Project’, a web-based collection of new writing; ‘Intrusion’, a genomics-influenced science fiction novel

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg



Designer in residence

James King



Designer in residence

Alistair Gentry

Visual Artist

2006 - 2007

Three Times True - animation and accompanying book