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Ms. Jo Donaghy

Egenis Research Student


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Byrne House


I completed my BSc in Human Sciences (first class) at the University of Sussex in 2007 before coming to Exeter to take the Masters program in the History and Philosophy of Biology (Distinction) in 2009. I started my current AHRC-funded PhD project in 2011. First Supervisor: Sabina Leonelli, Second Supervisor: John Dupré.


Bezuidenhout, L. and Donaghy, J. Making Data accessible to All: A Conference Report. EASST review 2012, 31 (3): p.15-16.

Donaghy, J. and Leonelli, S. Interview with Giovana Colombetti. The Reasoner, 2012, 6(3).


'Partial independence and autonomy of models: Metabolic control analysis.' Second European Seminar in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Brocher Foundation, Geneva. September 2012.

'Data integration and mathematical model building: Metabolic flux balance analysis.' Whats new about systems biology? ISHPSSB off year workshop. Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle. August 2012.

'Integrating omics data: A historical perspective.' Philosophy of Biology in the UK, University of Oxford. April 2012.

Reflections on 'Dance my PhD.' Transience and Transfofmation, ESRC Festival of Social Science, Exeter Phoenix arts centre. November 2011.

'Natural selection and recent microbial perspectives on living systems'. Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice 3rd Biennial Conference, University of Exeter. June 2011.

'Microbial organisation and evolution: A complexity perspective'. CSISS postgraduate conference, University of Exeter. May 2011.‘

'Relating the past to current interpretations: A case study of microbial ontologies'. Integrated History and Philosophy of Science workshop, University of Cambridge. April 2011.

'Changing conceptualisation of biological individuality'. Egenis postgraduate day, University of Exeter. November 2010.

Professional development

Autumn 2011: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education- University of Exeter – Associate of the Higher Education Academy

Autumn 2011: Graduate teaching assistant: First year philosophy module ‘Knowledge and Reality 1’

Autumn 2010: Graduate teaching assistant: Second year politics module ‘Political Thought of Modernity’


In autumn 2011 I collaborated with local performance artists and film makers to produce a submission for the annual ‘Dance your PhD’ competition sponsored by Science and TedX.

Research Interests

My PhD addresses the analysis of large omics data sets and its relationship to knowledge production. Specifically, I am taking a historical and philosophical approach to analysing the integration of omics data into mathematical and computational models of metabolism and the implications of these modes of analysis for systems perspectives on evolution. Specific questions arising from this work include: How does model use change over time: what is the relationship between the integration of genomics data into models of metabolism and the use of these models as tools in evolutionary systems biology? And, what is the impact of data availability and presentation on modelling practices: how has the initial emphasis on the production of discrete rather than continuous data types affected the use of particular modelling approaches and shaped research questions?