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Dr. Susanne Weber

Egenis Research Fellow




I studied sociology at the University of Munich and the London School of Economics (MSc in Sociology, 2000), where I also embarked on my doctoral research.

My Ph.D. thesis traces the emergence of methods of lie detection from roughly 1900 until 1950 which culminated in the development of the polygraph in the 1920s. I examined how one of the most elusive of human acts, the lie, was rendered as a measurable entity which could be read by the actions of the body in early experimental psychology. I explored how, although continually contested as scientific evidence, lie detection came to operate as a ‘switch-point’ between psychological discourse and criminal interrogation in constituting the guilty subject. In drawing on Foucault and the sociology of science and technology, the thesis aims to give a historical account of how the lie was turned into an object of knowledge and social control. In doing so, it seeks to provide an opening for an historical approach to the study of the lie and how we have come to construct knowledge.

At Egenis I am working on a comparative study of the social shaping of research practices in stem cell science in Germany and the UK.

Research Project

Stem Cell Research in Context: A Comparative Study on the Dynamic Relationship between Science, Medicine and Society


Journal Articles

Krones, T., Samusch,T., Weber, S., Budiner, I., Busch, A., Knappertsbusch, F., Schlüter, E. and Hauskeller, C., 'Brain Drain in der Stammzellforschung? Erste Ergebnisse einer Befragung von Wissenschaftlern zur Lage der Stammzellforschung in Deutschland', Invited expert paper for Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Special Issue on Stem Cell Research, vol 51, 9, 2008, pp. 1039–1049.

Forthcoming Publications

Weber, S., Wilson-Kovacs, D., and Hauskeller, C., ‘The Regulation of Autologous Stem Cell Therapies: Comparing the UK and Germany’, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Research with Human Tissue in Europe, Conference Proceedings of the First International Conference of the Tiss.EU Project, 2009.

Samusch, T., Budiner, I., Weber., S., Busch, A., Knappertsbusch, F., Schlüter, E., Hauskeller, C. and Krones T., ‘Ansichten von in Deutschland arbeitenden Wissenschaftlern in der Stammzellforschung zur Lage der Stammzellforschung in Deutschland’, Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik, 2009.