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Dr. Jane Calvert

Research Fellow


Jane Calvert is now based at the ESRC Innogen Centre. Updated information can be found on Jane's Innogen webpage.

My background is in Human Sciences (BSc, Sussex) the Philosophy of Science (MSc, LSE) and Science Policy (DPhil, Sussex). My DPhil drew on the sociology of science and examined the use of the concept of 'basic research' among scientists and policy makers. Before coming to Exeter I worked as a Research Fellow at SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex) on several projects including a cross-national comparison of biotechnology policy and an analysis of university-industry links. My research is at the intersection of science and technology studies and science policy and I have a long-standing interest in the meaning and use of terms in science and in policy.

At Egenis I have been carrying out research into intellectual property and genomics (including work on the utility of genomic knowledge, the patenting of complete genome sequences, and collaborative intellectual property regimes). I am currently engaged in a research project on the emergence of systems biology.

Research Projects:

Patenting and the utility of genomic knowledge

New directions in genomics: systems biology


with Hauskeller, C. editor of, ’The Meanings of Genomics’, A Special Issue of New Genetics and Society, Vol.23, No.3, 2004.Other publications

Calvert, J and Powell, A (2007) 'Systems biology: the new genomics?' Genomics Network Newsletter, Issue 5, March, pp. 6-7.

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Calvert, J and Patel, P (2002) ‘University-Industry Research Collaborations in the UK’ Report on Phase 1 of a project funded by EPSRC/ESRC Contract Number P015616, Brighton: SPRU

Calvert, J and Martin, B (2001) Changing Conceptions Of Basic Research? Background Document prepared for the OECD/Norwegian Workshop on Policy Relevance and Measurement of Basic Research Oslo, Norway 29-30 October 2001, Brighton: SPRU

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DPhil Thesis

Calvert, J (2002) Goodbye blue skies? The concept of ’basic research’ and its role in a changing funding environment University of Sussex DPhil Thesis, Brighton: SPRU

Research Interests

  • Basic research, its nature and its funding
  • The utility of scientific knowledge
  • Intellectual property in the biosciences
  • The commercialisation of scientific research
  • The governance and funding of genomics
  • The emergence of systems biology

My research in Egenis has been concerned with patenting and the utility of genomic knowledge. I am now working with colleagues Maureen O'Malley and John Dupré on new directions in genomics: systems biology.