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Dr. Adam Bostanci

Research Student - completed


Ph.D. (Exeter) M.Sci. M.Phil. M.A. (Cantab)




Before joining Egenis, Adam Bostanci studied natural sciences at the University of Cambridge. He then completed a second master’s degree in History and Philosophy of Science before working as a science journalist for several years.

Adam is now a lecturer at the Hughes Hall Centre for Biomedical Science at Society in Cambridge. He teaches social science undergraduates and is an associate lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. He also continues his research. One currrent project explores issues raised by the development of non-invasive prenatal genetic tests.



Bostanci, A. and J. Calvert (2008) “Invisible genomes: the genomics revolution and patenting practice”, Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences 39(1), pp. 109–19.

Bostanci, A. (2006) “Two Drafts, One Genome? Human Diversity and Genome Research”, Science as Culture 15, pp. 183–198.

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Book Chapter

Bostanci, A. (2004) “Sequencing Human Genomes” in The Mapping Cultures of 20th Century Genetics. Edited by H.-J. Rheinberger and J.-P. Gaudillière, Routledge. pp. 158–79.

Research Interests

His PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Barry Barnes, "," explored the social and conceptual dimensions of human genomics.