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Dr. Marco Liverani

Egenis Research Student - completed






I studied humanities at the University of Torino, Italy (Dott. Lett., 2003), and social anthropology at University College London (MSc, 2006).

In June 2009 I participated in the China-UK summer school in Beijing entitled 'The Governance and Regulation of Emerging Biotechnologies'. Read my report China-UK summer school (pdf).


I am an Associate of the Higher Education Academy (AHEA).

2008–2009: Theoretical Sociology (Teaching assistant); University of Exeter, Department of Sociology and Philosophy.

2007–2008: Contemporary Societies (Teaching assistant); University of Exeter, Department of Sociology and Philosophy.


Book Reviews:

Liverani, Marco, 'Crimini, criminali, cittadini', review of Dal Lago A. and Quadrelli E., La città e le ombre, in Modern Italy, 11 (2), 2006.


‘The regulation of biotechnology in the European Union’, Institute of Policy Management, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, 8 June, 2009

‘Towards a sociology of European integration’, University of Exeter, HUSS postgraduate conference, 26 May, 2009

‘Life in the age of its mechanical reproduction’, Egenis / Max Planck Gesellschaft Workshop, University of Exeter, 3 April, 2009

‘Eurogenes and eurocells: how the integration process affects scientific research in Europe’. Egenis Seminar, University of Exeter, 13 November, 2007

‘The science and politics of stem cell research in Italy’. Governing Genomics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Regulation of the Biosciences, Egenis 3rd International Conference, Exeter, January 25-27, 2007

Research Interests

My PhD project at Egenis examines the relationship between the process of European integration and the production of scientific knowledge. As a case study, it focuses on the field of stem cell science. The research design includes the study of two European research networks through qualitative methods and social network analysis.