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Mr. Chris Elphick

Egenis Research Student


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Byrne House


I obtained my degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter. My third year project, under the supervision of Professor John Bryant, looked at some of the reasons why there is still stigma associated with psychiatric disorder. I then gained an MRes in Bioinformatics. My research project, which was supervised by Dr Jamie Stevens, involved creating a number of phylogenetic trees in order to elucidate the 'true' evolutionary origin of a set of parasitic flies.

I took the MSc Genomics in Society at Egenis. My dissertation project, supervised by Dr Hannah Farrimond, looked at public perceptions of mental health issues. I am currently working on my PhD project , in which I am continuing to examine different aspects relating to mental health problems, such as the development and use of genetic tests, what is considered 'normal' in respect to different illnesses, how they are diagnosed and what they mean for the individual as well as the population. This project is under the supervision of Professors and .

Throughout the course of my studies I have worked, and continue to work, as a psychiatric nurse.