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Speaking at the Science Museum



Christine Hauskeller was one of the panel members discussing a new radio drama.


Egenis Senior Research Fellow took part in a panel discussion at the Science Museum's Dana Centre in London which considered the impact of genetic profiling on medical treatment and prediction, and its philosophical consequences for our sense of self, privacy, and responsibility.

The discussion was part of a project funded by the Wellcome Trust which involves the creation of a new radio drama, 'Interior Traces'. The drama consists of six episodes following two characters with different neural disorders had they lived in the past, present, or 20 years into the future, and is due to be broadcast this month.

The project involves a series of events at which readings from the play are accompanied by live music, and projection of a video compilation of 'images' of the brain, including drawings, scans, and genetic data. The performances are followed by panel discussions, using the fictional scenarios of the drama to spark debate and discussion about the issues they raise.

Dr Hauskeller was a member of the panel for the 'future' event which took place on 5 May at the Dana Centre at London’s Science Museum, alongside Professor Judy Illes (University of British Columbia) and Professor Jeffrey Rosen (George Washington University).

One of the future episodes follows a young man identified as having anti-social disorder in childhood, and what happens when he decides to resist an ongoing treatment and monitoring plan and the way that his genes and neural responses 'speak against him'. The other considers the potential future of genetically tailored treatment and prevention programs for medical conditions.

The panel discussions will be recorded, and available for download from a specially designed project website, along with the radio drama.

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